Photo Exhibition / Photo Exhibition

30 years

of bringing green ideas to LIFE

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the LIFE Programme, the #LIFEis30 exhibition showcases powerful images from some of the most innovative, inspirational, and effective LIFE projects.

This exhibition has three focus areas aligned to the various LIFE sub-programmes: Nature and biodiversity, circular economy and quality of life, and climate action and energy.

The #LIFEis30 exhibition shows what we can do to preserve our planet and ensure a better future for generations to come. 

Hervé Ronné

Conservation of the Roseate Tern in Brittany

Frank Vassen

Reconstituting a habitat network for threatened butterflies in the Walloon region (Belgium)

Frank Vassen

Ecological restoration of the Pond area M-L through a close participation of the private and public landowners and a Tripple E-approach

An Bollen

Integrated management in Mediterranean on remarkable coastal habitats suburban of Calanques related to southern Europe

Ivan Kebe

Improvement of Natura 2000 statuses with renaturation of Stržen’s riverbed on intermittent Cerknica Lake

Karl Klostermann

Bogs, flowing waters and Nardus grasslands in the Bavarian Forest National Park

Louis Hadjioannou and Enalia Physis

Preventing a Lionfish invasion in the Mediterranean through early response and targeted Removal

Miran Krapež

Preventing the extinction of the Dinaric-SE Alpine lynx population through reinforcement and long-term conservation

Juan Cuetos

Inventory and designation of marine Natura 2000 areas in the Spanish sea

András Kovács

“Sciuriosity” – Evolving IAS grey squirrel management techniques in the UK

José Andrés López Pérez

Revalorization strategies within the circular economy for the use of citrus waste in green packaging and cosmetics

Elena Sáez Caballero

Polymer Wastes in Asphalt Mixes: A Way to Increase Sustainability of Roads Infrastructures

Charo Pascual

Demonstration-plant project to produce poly-lactic acid (PLA) biopolymer from waste products of bakery industry


Upcycling post-consumer film from dirty Mechanical Recycling Facilities (MRFs)

ABK Architects, Dublin

Working with Industrial Spaces to Exemplify Reuse

Justyna Tomaszewska

Implementation of a new Circular Economy through the valorisation of postconsumer Plastic waste and reclaimed pulp fibre


European Sustainable Clothing Action Plan

Vesica Piscis - Footwear, S.L.

A 100% real circular economy process for vegan-organic-recycled footwear

Jonathan Hordle

Transforming City Foods habits for LIFE

Marco Tosi

Optimised nutrients Management from Livestock production in Alto Adige

Tadej Auer

Sustainable mountain huts in Europe

Irune Oses

Implementation of Demonstrative & Innovative Strategies to reduce the use of phytosanitary products in viticulture

SEAT media centre

Waste streams treatment for obtaining safe reclaimed water and biomethane for transport sector to mitigate GHG emissions

Galicia Institute of Technology (ITG)

High-resolution Approach for Management of Surface Water Eutrophication in Rural areas of the Duero River Basin

Global Warming Images/Ashley Cooper

Ticking boxes, or marking success? – Maximising the potential of the EUs Monitoring Mechanism Regulation for LIFE

Adam Kolbábek and Jan Morbacher

Green Infrastructure Minimising the Urban Heat Island Effect

Dimas Ramos

Creation Of New Network for Electric Cars Technology

Francisco Márquez

Bird conservation in Lesser Prespa Lake: benefiting local communities and building a climate change resilient ecosystem

Gianfranco Rizzo

Solar Aided Vehicle Electrification